1.1 100 Photos uploading and reviewing

This was a useful project to get back into the process of taking and editing a set of photos. It was also good to have a  proper look at the basic tools in Lightroom, get to grips with the WB dropper tool and the individual colour adjustment sliders. I think I now have a better grasp of how to adjust levels more subtly than before.  Masking is still a bit of a mystery – need more practice there.

Surprisingly, (given they were taken on a freezing afternoon on my balcony in 30 minutes) I like some of the photos. The contrast of the plants/twigs etc against the quite strong lines and colours of the buildings work quite well to give the photos form.

Thinking about the areas mentioned at the beginning of this project around framing and composition, there are definitely examples of these devices in the photos below.

1.4 Cropping etc

I always wonder if I use the crop tool too much – but actually it seems as though I tend to use it to refine rather than compose – I think I really do compose generally in camera. Which is good. I think.