1.9 revisited: Basilico inspiration

So, after looking at lots of work by Gabriele Basilico I wanted to revisit Exercise 1.9: Soft Light Landscape and today found myself in the perfect spot (Trinity Buoy Wharf on the Thames) on a grey day for a little urban archaeology!


I like this one in quite a contrasty black and white, I have darkened the shadows and increased the clarity and sharpness to draw out the shapes and textures.


Basilico did some work in colour towards the end of his career, and I loved the mixed up colours of the cranes – like someone had put them together with Lego!


4 thoughts on “1.9 revisited: Basilico inspiration”

  1. I love these shots Marion, and I think you used monochrome and colour in precisely the right images. The colourful cranes make a great contrast to the impending “doom” tower blocks of unaffordable flats I see leaping up all around London. Sticking to your toy analogy, they look a bit like Transformers to me!

    Just my interpretation of course 🙂

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