William Eggleston: Looking for colour…

I was lucky enough to get this book for my birthday a few weeks ago – I spotted it on Amazon and hadn’t seen this collection before. It is gorgeous – the printing as marvellous and manages to do some justice to the rich colours of the images.

Not sure why I like Eggleston so much – I don’t love everything he does, but the ones I do like take my breath away…something about the stillness he captures, and the colour palette, and the point of view.

The colour particularly is so memorable – he must have been looking/waiting for just the right colour contrasts and juxtapositions to come together in a scene – a bit like Trent Parke looks for drama.

One of the images in the book


Eggleston Artistic Trust. Courtesy David Zwirner Books

2 thoughts on “William Eggleston: Looking for colour…”

  1. Thank you for introducing me to Eggleston. Your taster review excites. Yet another thing to explore. The colour of the sink certainly takes me back a few decades ….. with lots of memories!

  2. Thanks for the blog Marion. I read recently that once you have “enough” photo gear the best investments are photo books and exhibitions. There always could be another filter, or lens to buy, but I agree that photo books have a sort of inspirational and calming quality. As for Eggleston I’ll look into him – reds always seem to work really well in photographs.

    I need to built more shelves..! 🙂

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