William Eggleston: Looking for colour…

I was lucky enough to get this book for my birthday a few weeks ago – I spotted it on Amazon and hadn’t seen this collection before. It is gorgeous – the printing as marvellous and manages to do some justice to the rich colours of the images.

Not sure why I like Eggleston so much – I don’t love everything he does, but the ones I do like take my breath away…something about the stillness he captures, and the colour palette, and the point of view.

The colour particularly is so memorable – he must have been looking/waiting for just the right colour contrasts and juxtapositions to come together in a scene – a bit like Trent Parke looks for drama.

One of the images in the book


Eggleston Artistic Trust. Courtesy David Zwirner Books


  1. Thank you for introducing me to Eggleston. Your taster review excites. Yet another thing to explore. The colour of the sink certainly takes me back a few decades ….. with lots of memories!

  2. Thanks for the blog Marion. I read recently that once you have “enough” photo gear the best investments are photo books and exhibitions. There always could be another filter, or lens to buy, but I agree that photo books have a sort of inspirational and calming quality. As for Eggleston I’ll look into him – reds always seem to work really well in photographs.

    I need to built more shelves..! 🙂

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