1.8: Bracketing exposures

This was an interesting exercise to do at the coast with a  big empty sky and a dark foreground, as the differences show up really well – the overexposed image has lost all detail in the sky, which I can’t get back in Lightroom. The underexposed image is much more usable, as all the detail is there but it is very noisy, with visible grain even when the exposure is increased in Lightroom.

3 thoughts on “1.8: Bracketing exposures”

  1. I’ve never mastered bracketing, I don’t know why I find the concept difficult. I agree with Sarah that “noise” (or rather the issue with it”) is a bit overrated. More often than not now I use ND Grad filters at the front of the camera to keep bright areas in check, takes a bit more effort but I like the results.

    Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog Marion.

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