Picture Analysis: Red Bridge, Okawa

2018-01-20 01.36.44 am.png

Visual Description
The image shows a red metal bridge against a green background of trees and foliage. The bridge is in the centre of the image and takes up the full height. The bridge is made from triangles of red and orange metal, creating a long prism shape, At the bottom is a roadway, with yellow railings. The railings form a regular grid of small rectangles. The road emerges from the bottom left corner of the image. It runs diagonally across the bottom quarter. The colours of the bridge and roadway are clear and vibrant. The green of the forest background is hazy and faded. The bridge sees to emerge out of the forest in 3D, coming toward the viewer.
The red structure took my attention first, as the colour and shape is strong. The 3D effect of the bridge coming out of the image is startling and draws the eye across the bridge to the background. The viewer travels along the road.
Light and Shadow
The light is coming from the top left corner. The bridge and roadway are strongly lit, with the underside in shadow. The triangle shape of the red girders has made a shadow on the background. The strong sunlight has made the background hazy and fuzzy.
The photo has strong diagonal lines. The main line of the road draws the eye across the image and up and down the triangle shapes of the structure
Subject and Themes

I think the subject of the photo is the bridge.
The absence of any people or traffic gives the image a slightly sinister feeling. It makes the picture about the structure and shape rather than the bridge as a useful object that does a job. The roadway seems to go nowhere, suddenly disappearing into the forest, which is quite surreal.
Personal Response
I find the image slightly surreal. I like the strong diagonal lines and the way they direct the eye around the photo. I find the way the bridge seems to disappear into the wall of forest unsettling, and initially I struggled a bit to ard to extract meaning, to do the ‘right’ thing for the exercise. Hopefully, I will get better at this bit!

Paper.OCA COURSE.1.png

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