1.7: Evaluating Your Photos

Evaluating your own photographs is a key skill to develop during this course. It’s your conscious awareness of visual problems that will help you to avoid them and to make better photos as a result.
Here’s a list of questions to help you assess your photographs.”

  • What is the subject?
  • Is the subject clearly visible or is it obscured?
  • What’s behind the subject? Is it distracting?
  • Does the composition have any other major distractions?
  • Is the subject in or out of focus?
  • Is the image well exposed?
  • What is the contrast like?
  • Is the colour balance the way you remember it?

I use Lightroom for both workflow organisation (and it’s taken a few years to be able to feel OK about calling it a workflow!) and image editing. I have started trying to keep the following regime.

  • Upload photos from a shoot/trip/event to a dated folder inside a themed folder – eg Walks, Holidays etc
  • Review the images initially one by one and flag ones I instantly like
  • Look at the flagged photos in more detail, and colour code ones that I want to work on further
  • Number code edits that I want to export and publish on Flickr etc and export to a folder inside the original dated folder called edits

I think the best way to illustrate the evaluation process for the Light and Shadow photos is to look at some of the light and shadow photos that didn’t work and explore some of my reasons for rejecting them. I was going for a clean, graphic, abstract feel to these images, with line, shape, pattern and contrast as the main ‘subject’. This meant that the successful images would need to have clean lines, good contrast, and interesting shapes to avoid being boring.

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3 thoughts on “1.7: Evaluating Your Photos”

  1. Thank you for sharing your worklow. It’s nice to know what works for other people.
    I like the overexposed and wobbly photo, the light traces make it interesting

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